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Sodium urate crystals, huh?

September 26, 2008

Gout is weird, man.

Fun picture time!  Link


Great big globs of … something

September 17, 2008

Our first anatomy exam is tomorrow, so I’m in the process of trying to keep it all together.  I’m stuck between two ideas: go to sleep in a few hours and wake up really early and study all morning, or try to get a regular day in.  I think I’m going with the former.

(P.S. Dear Anatomy Gods.  Please help me remember my cranial nerves.  Amen.)

Fun story of the day: during gross anatomy lab, we pulled out the liver, and the gallbladder (as intended) came with it.  Most of the other people had pinkish gallbladders, but ours was a delightful green.  Furthermore, we could feel something squishy inside – and, yes, squishy is TOTALLY the medical term.

J and I were for cutting it open and looking inside.  B was horrified by this idea, and protested.  J and I won out, though, and with a scapel, J very carefully made his incision.  Forest green, chunky, thick bile bubbled out.  It was amazing!  B remained horrified, and I think even J began to doubt his actions.  But I felt like I had rediscovered Mars!

If Mars were green.  And made of bile.