Fun anatomical fact of the day

Fun fact I learned from my anatomy tutor:

While stuyding the pelvis, I was confused that they kept referring to the top side of the penis as dorsal.  The top side of the penis faces the same direction that the stomach does, but the stomach is ventral. Our backs are dorsal.

Well, according to my tutor, this is because in the anatomical position, the penis is erect.  And that cracked me up a little.  Because you KNOW men decided this shit, and when those big ol’ white guys with beards were sitting, they must have said, “Hmm … in it’s most natural position – from which we will reference everything – the palms shall face forward, the head shall be held high, feet shall point forward … and the penis shall be erect!”

Uh huh.  And in the anatomical position – the natural position from which everything else shall be referenced – my breasts shoot lasers.



One Response to “Fun anatomical fact of the day”

  1. Mayhem Says:

    That is all well and good but what is the arterial blood supply to these lasers? 🙂

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